• We can provide you with the solution to protect your income and assets in the event of death, total and permanent disability, loss of income due to sickness or accident, a major illness.
  • Our Risk advisers are specialists. You are offered an advice driven service, not a product driven service.
  • Our objective is to recommend those products that best suit your risk insurance needs.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance offers a lump sum payment to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. Life Insurance is an important part of your total insurance portfolio and like other insurances provides financial security when you, or your family, need it most.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

Insurers will pay you a lump sum if you are totally and permanently disabled and unable to work again.

Trauma Insurance

Minimise the financial hardship that a serious illness can cause.

Income Protection Insurance

The insurer pays you an income while you cannot work if you are sick or injured. Policies will usually pay out up to 75% of your normal gross income. For an individual, Income protection insurance is tax deductible and the benefits when paid are considered taxable income.

ThomasPrice will advise you on which risks you should insure and will arrange a program that suits your needs and requirements. In doing so we will work with you, and the insurer, to form a mutual trust and obtain the best result for you and your business.