ThomasPrice has a primary investment objective which aims to generate returns that outpace with the broader market. This is achieved through appropriate portfolio construction and diversification across a range of asset classes. Incorporated in this process is risk evaluation, while focusing on cost-effective investment solutions, underpinned by clients who value liquidity.

Why our approach makes ThomasPrice distinctly different from our competition.

Fee for service model

A fee-for-service approach was adopted from the beginning as a business philosophy. We cherish the integrity that this provides as we seek only the best outcome for our client’s. It ensures the clients best interests are looked after in the following ways:

• Reporting tool which focuses on easily identifying cost and fees

• The focus is on developing financial solutions to achieve the clients goals and objectives rather than entry into products

• Ensuring client education through our transparent procedures and processes.

• Constantly reviewing our service structure and performance.